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Musical Works

Music Videos are a unique form of storytelling. Through music and lyrical hyperbole, we tell one story while using striking imagery and visual storytelling to either supplement that story or tell a different one entirely.  Your music video may feature concept from other videos but yours will always be unique. We do not specialize in "cookie cutter" videos. We take great time and effort designing and crafting your videos to make them intentional and then film them in a style that is befitting of your brand and the feelings the song portrays. Emotions drive your music - let those emotions manifest in your music videos. Let's do this together!

Below, you'll find a few examples of videos I've worked on as a Director and/or Director of Photography. These have all been low budget productions but I still put as much love and care into the production, no matter what the budget looks like. I will always give you something I am proud of as my own standards of my work is high. I look forward to working with you!


NEW RULES - Theartistjade


Out To California - Clint Alphin


raised by werewolves - clint alphin

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